Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feeling like a Saudi Woman - American Bedu

Feeling Like A Saudi Woman - American Bedu

Below is a wonderful posting on the well-known blog "American Bedu". The writer asks for comments from Saudi women who drive while abroad. Be sure to check out the comments!

Here is the link:

Saudi Arabia's vice squad eases up — but just a little | McClatchy

Saudi Arabia's vice squad eases up” but just a little McClatchy

At right and above is a link to an interesting article about the so-called 'religious police' in Saudi Arabia. I'm including it because it opens and closes with a member of the police explaining to his daughter why society is not ready yet to allow women to drive, even though he admits that Islam does not forbid women from getting behind the wheel.

He cites the circular argument - that there would be too many young men harrassing young women drivers. In my opinion this circularity works the other way as well. If there were women drivers, everyone in society would behave better on the roads!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Saudi Gazette Editorial in Support of Saudi Women Driving

At right is the link to "Right to Drive," an editorial piece from the Saudi English language daily, The Saudi Gazette. The editors are in favor of women driving. I particularly like the ending of the editorial.

"It is both impossible and unwise to encourage women to get an education and then stunt their opportunities to employ it fully in service to their nation by not allowing them to determine when they will go somewhere and how they will go somewhere without first consulting a male driver. If we are to utilize our greatest asset, we must give them the freedom of movement. And that means the right to drive. "