Friday, August 25, 2017

Saudi Woman Driving While Dressed Like A Man Questioned

The British Daily Mail reported on 8/24/17 the following, starting with the headline as follows:
A link to the story is here,  and text is below.

Saudi woman who dressed up like a man in traditional robes then filmed herself behind the wheel is grilled by police after posting protest video online

  • The unidentified woman uploaded the video to social media where it went viral
  • She donned male robes and a man's headdress before getting into a white SUV 
  • After complaints from viewers police tracked down the woman's location

A woman has been grilled by police in Saudi Arabia after getting behind the wheel of a car dressed as a man. The unidentified driver donned robes and a traditional headdress, usually worn by men, before climbing into a white SUV.  The footage was later posted on social media where it went viral receiving more than 20,000 views. There is a social taboo against woman driving in Saudi Arabia and many viewers called for the authorities to take action against those responsible for the footage.
Security services probed the clip and worked out it was shot at a 'recreational facility' in the town of Al Khafji, in the north-east of the country. Police questioned both the owner of the car and the man who runs the site over alleged anti-social behaviour. They have also questioned two women identified as Arabs although their nationalities have not been given. The case will focus on the nature of the suspects' relationship as Saudi Arabia does not allow the free mixing of unrelated men and women.
There is no law banning women from driving in Saudi Arabia but many believe it goes against the social traditions of the Middle Eastern country. Women who challenge the taboo have repeatedly been accused of 'stirring up public opinion'. The topic of whether women should be allowed to drive leads to regular rows on social media with both sides using social, religious and economic arguments to support their points.
To view the video, go to the Daily Mail article here and scroll down: Video link is in this article