Thursday, February 17, 2011

Women drivers can solve problems

This article originally appeared in the Arabic newspaper al-Madina - and was translated and printed in the Arab News (link to the text in the title). Writer Muhammad Areef proposes the idea that if women drove, then there would be fewer domestic workers in Saudi Arabia and Saudi's would do more work at home themselves. At the end of the article he suggests that foreign women domestic workers be used as drivers. The comments following the article are very interesting.
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  1. This is the comment that I submitted to Arab News: The Saudi government should stop enabling Saudis to be lazy and have a bad work ethic by always relying on imported foreign labor. In order for this dependence to be stopped, no more foreigners should be allowed in to complete menial jobs. Instead these jobs should be promoted to Saudis and made more appealing to them by increasing the salaries. And why would the Saudi government hire foreign women who don't know their way around the streets of Saudi Arabia? Allowing women to drive who already live in Saudi Arabia would be the easiest and less expensive solution. Above all, getting rid of foreign labor (exception would be fields of expertise where there is a shortage of Saudis) money would stay in circulation in Saudi Arabia, giving a boost to the economy!