Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not all Saudi women seeking to drive cars

Rima al-Mukhtari writes in the Arab News about women in Saudi Arabia who don't want to drive. This article is a great summary of all the arguments some women make about why they  don't want to drive. It is only in the reader comments that someone brings up the point that, fine, if you don't want to drive no one will force you. But why hold back the many women in Saudi Arabia who do want to drive? As always, the Arab News has great reporters who are out and about covering this multi-faceted story.  To read Rima's story, click on the title of this post.

While I do support women driving, I want to share with you, in a graphic way, why many women and families in Saudi Arabia are hesitant about women taking to the roads. It's the young male drivers. The picture below says it all.


  1. Dear readers - it seems that these older links to articles in the Arab News are broken. Since 2011, I've been pasting in the articles so if the links disappear you can read the article here. My apologies!

  2. The young men are the ones who should not be allowed to drive, as they drive dangerously. The fad of driving on 2 wheels is only one example. Did you know that Saudi Arabia has the highest incidence of head injury and brain trauma IN THE ENTIRE WORLD due to the many car accidents.

    In the interest of safety, its the young men who should not be allowed to drive. They should have to take taxis or their women should have to drive them. Then the roads in Saudi Arabia will be safe.