Friday, January 25, 2013

Are Women Better Drivers?

This entertaining opinion piece appeared in the Saudi English language daily, the Saudi Gazette. In this blogger's opinion, the appearance of articles like this is right on schedule, as women driving in Saudi Arabia gets closer to reality! A link to the story is here.

Abdullah Bajubair
Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

Is there a difference between male and female drivers? According to numerous studies, there are differences in the way men and women drive but no sex is a better or worse driver.

Some studies say men are, by nature, more violent not only in the way they drive cars but in their general behavior. On adherence to traffic rules, a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom said traffic violations committed by men represented 53 percent of all accidents in Britain in 2012. The leading violation was speeding.

A separate study carried out in Germany noted that women tend to respect traffic rules while driving. The study said women are more rational when driving and they give more attention and respect to other drivers and traffic laws. The same study said men deliberately break traffic laws just to feel more self-confident.

Although most studies show that women are safer drivers, this does not mean that women are better or more skillful drivers.

Since the Stone Age, nature has taught man to be strong and violent while hunting. These qualities enabled him to survive and multiply. We can safely say that this trait has passed on to modern men who are now using their strength and violent nature on the road.

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