Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Video: Saudi business woman drives car to mark Women's Day

Emirates 24/7 is reporting that A'isha al-Mani` of al-Khobar drove her car in that city on International Women's Day and posted a YouTube video of it. A link to the story is here, and the story (with the video) is below.

A well-known Saudi business woman marked the international women’s day by defying a ban on driving cars by women in the conservative Gulf Kingdom.

A YouTube film published in Saudi newspapers showed Aisha Al Manei driving her car on the seaside road in the eastern port of Khobar.

Al Manei said in the film that she wanted to celebrate the women’s day by driving her car and to rebuff claims that women who drive are harassed by men on roads.

“Allowing women to drive cars in Saudi Arabia will enable them to go out without the need to hire foreign drivers,” she said.

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