Sunday, April 20, 2014

Qatif woman penalized for driving husband's car

Report from the Saudi English daily the Saudi Gazette on April 19, 2014. A link to the story is here, and the text is pasted below. Almost reads like a promotion for the Honda Accord (still going strong after ten years)!

The 23-year-old Qatif woman gets behind the wheel of her husband’s Honda Accord Thursday evening. — Courtesy photo
 QATIF – The Traffic Department in the Qatif governorate fined a 28-year-old Saudi national SR900 and impounded his vehicle for seven days after he allowed his wife to drive his car, Alsharq daily said Saturday.

Security patrols caught the woman driving along Al-Nassirah Corniche in Al-Shubaili district of Qatif Thursday evening.

Informed sources said the woman, aged 23, was also penalized for driving her husband’s 2004 model Honda Accord.

The couple had to sign an undertaking that they would not repeat the offense before they were released on bail. A traffic violation was registered against the woman for driving without a license.

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