Thursday, May 11, 2017

Girl student takes the wheel to save driver

On May 11, 2017 the Saudi Gazette published this story about a student driving a bus when the driver fell ill. This took place in the region of Hail in north central Saudi Arabia. A link to the story is here and the text is pasted below.

HAIL – Al-Ghazzalah branch of Hail University on Tuesday honored a group of girl students who saved the life of the driver of their bus with their quick thingking and action. The driver had fainted on the wheel while driving the vehicle.

Ashwaq Al-Shamri, one of the girls, rose to the occasion and drove the bus with full presence of mind, and took him to the nearby hospital, according to a report in Anha online newspaper. The girls were on their way back home after classes in the private bus that was hired to transport them.

Dr. Hanan Al-Amir, general supervisor of the girls’ section at the university branch, commended the bravery and humanitarian spirit of the girls, saying that this helped save the life of the driver.

“The university is keen in providing intensive training to students in carrying out emergency services and first aid. The girl students won accolades from the entire university staff and students as well as the community members,” she added.

The girls said that they had simply fulfilled their humanitarian duty. The driver managed to stop the bus before fainting. The girls gave him first aid and then took him to the hospital, the newspaper reported quoting the girls.

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