Sunday, October 1, 2017

The story behind the first driving license given to a Saudi woman 66 years ago

Sixty six years ago, a judge granted one woman a license to drive in Saudi Arabia.
Historian Abdulkarim al-Hawqil, speaking to Al Arabiya about what happened at the time, said that the story involved a blind man who had two daughters and a car that was driven by one of them in order for her to care for her father with ease.
There were times when the man would sell items in a local market.
"At that time, people in the market considered it a disgrace," Hawqil said. "How can a lady drive the car? It is strange for them to see behind a woman behind a steering wheel."
The historian went on to say: "The market people took the blind man and his daughters to a judge, Sheikh Ali bin Suleiman al-Roumi. He listened to the words of the blind man and his circumstances and the for his daughter to drive the car.
“The judge became the first to allow a woman to drive in Saudi Arabia, 66 years ago.”
On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia announced that it will end its long-standing prohibition on women drivers following a decree issued by King Salman bin Abdulaziz.
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