Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Saudi woman trains for her motorbike licence... as country prepares to lift ban on women driving

This photo essay from the UK's Evening Standard dated 3/19/2018 says it all. Maryem Ahmed Al-Moalem is a Saudi female biker. In this photo essay she takes advanced training in the nearby island nation of Bahrain to prepare to drive in Saudi Arabia. I'm wondering if she might be an Aramco employee since she is wearing a Harley-Davidson Dhahran Club vest. Inside Aramco's Dhahran headquarters, women have long been able to drive. I'm linking to the story so you can see the photos - too many to re-post all of them. Photo Essay of Female Motorcyclist
The story is by Ella Wills.

Well, here's one photo anyway to entice you:

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