Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manal Al-Sharief's lawyer statements; petition for her release underway

In contrast to the Saudi Gazette article in my previous post, this article in the Arab News by Fatimah Sidiya gives the update on issues surrounding Manal Al-Sharief's detention. Her case has been moved to the Eastern Province governate. And a petition with more than 1,000 signatures is being organized on her behalf.
Since I printed the whole of the Saudi Gazette article yesterday; here is the Arab News story. Thank you, "Tara Um Umar" for letting me know about this story from the Arab News.

Manal Al-Sharief - Testing Time
JEDDAH: The lawyer of Manal Al-Sharif — the 32-year-old Saudi woman who drove her car in Alkhobar on Saturday — denied that Al-Sharif burst into tears inside the women's section of the Dammam prison and asked her investigators to extend their questioning to include a number of women who led her into controversy.
A local Arabic daily on Tuesday claimed it had the names of the women, some of them living outside the country, who incited Al-Sharif to go out to the street, drive her car and film the move.
The daily also reported Al-Sharif as saying that the instigators assured her that there was no punishment under Saudi Arabia’s traffic laws for women drivers.
According to the newspaper, Al-Sharif appeared not to believe what was happening to her.
Adnan Al-Saleh, Al-Sharif’s lawyer, denied the report and quoted Al-Sharif as saying, “I did not cry and will not break down as long as King Abdullah is there.”
Al-Sharif was accused of violating the general rules by pushing other women to drive cars and stirring up public opinion.
Sources told Arab News that Al-Sharif’s case had been transferred to the governorate in the Eastern Province and that there was no exact time for her release.
Up to 1,000 citizens of both genders, meanwhile, signed a petition for Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah in which they asked for the immediate release of Al-Sharif.
The petitioners included activists, bloggers, academics and students.
The letter stated that she was “accompanied by her brother and with his consent and license to drive, recognized in accordance with the traffic system and contained in Article II, paragraph 34.”
It added: “We also believe that the time has come to clearly resolve the issue of women driving cars. It is unjust to say it is a social issue and that our religion does not prevent ladies from driving, while simultaneously arresting a woman driving her car. We are in need of a clear system, either to prevent women from driving, or, in case female driving is allowed, a clear indication that ladies are permitted to drive cars in Saudi Arabia.”

Link to the story: Manal Al-Sharief - Testing Time

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