Sunday, May 8, 2011

What do women really want? - Arab News

Rima al-Mukhtari of the Arab News reports on a survey conducted by the women's magazine, al-Sayidaty ("My Lady") that queried what women around the Arab world really want. The magazine is about to come out with a story that reveals many women's views. More than 1,000 women responded to the e-mail survey. The story's findings are summarized in Ms. al-Mukhtari's piece, which you can read by clicking on the title of this post, but there is a bit about women driving - quoted below.

More than one thousand Arabian young women have contributed to the magazine’s survey, giving transparent details to their stories. The survey shows that most Saudis are looking for freedom and the ability to drive a car, among other things. Emirati women claim that old traditions are tying them down, not giving them enough space to give their opinion as women.

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