Monday, June 20, 2011

Woman has to pay traffic ticket for driving in Riyadh

Example of the very minor fallout from last Friday's driving events in Saudi Arabia. A woman who drove in Riyadh and got a traffic citation, has to pay a traffic fine of SR100 (around $30).

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Woman driver in Riyadh to pay SR100 - Saudi Gazette June 20, 2011

RIYADH: Police have asked Maha Al-Qahtani, the Riyadh woman stopped for driving last Friday, to pay a SR100 traffic ticket and requested her husband to sign a form stating that she will not repeat her actions.

Al-Qahtani’s husband Muhammad told Al-Hayat Arabic daily that he was called to the capital’s Al-Solaimaniya Police Station and asked if his wife had the intention of driving again in the future.

“The head of the Department of Investigation Muhammad Al-Sadran called me to go down to the station to complete the paperwork for the traffic offense committed by my wife for driving without a Saudi license,” he told Al-Hayat.

He said that no criminal offense had been registered according to the documents and that Maha was only in breach of traffic regulations for driving without a Saudi license.

“Al-Sadran asked if Maha had any intention of driving again and I told him that she drives outside the city, but that she would stop driving within the city,” he said.

Muhammad Al-Qahtani added that Al-Sadran told him his wife is obliged to pay SR100 for driving without a Saudi license.

Police stopped Maha Friday while driving along King Fahd Road in central Riyadh.

– Saudi Gazette


  1. Only 100SR? Not bad! She should frame the ticket and hang it on her wall for all to see. It will be her trophy for driving as a female in Saudi Arabia :-)

  2. Yes, I hope it will be a cherished part of her family history one day.