Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guidelines for drivers on June 17th from Saudi Blogger Sabria Jawhar

Saudi blogger and journalist Sabria Jawhar has posted the following guidelines for June 17th.

Here is the link to her blog: Sabria's Out of the Box  - Saudi June Driving Guidelines

You can also follow women2drive on facebook and twitter.

Here is the text, from Sabria's blog:

Saudi Women June 17 Driving Guidelines- Sabria Jawhar

Saudi women planning to drive on June 17 should observe the following guidelines for their safety:

1) Islamic dress code

2) There won’t be any gatherings. Go out only to run important errands, visit the hospital, drop kids off at school, etc.

3) It is encouraged that you videotape the event and upload it on Youtube.

4) Drive within city limits only.

5) To reaffirm our patriotism, fly the Saudi flag and lift up a photo of Abu Mit’ib (the King).

6) No need to be scared. If the police arrest you, you’ll only be required to sign on a pledge.

7) It is preferred that whoever plans on driving to have an international driver’s license.

8) It is better if a male accompanies you to protect you and to guarantee your safety (since the ball would just be starting to roll).

9) Avoid driving into any empty plots or deserted or faraway areas because that might pose some danger to you.

10) Driving is not scheduled for one day only. Saudi women are starting Friday but will continue to take to their cars beyond that date until a royal decree is issued.

11) Any woman who fails to comply is responsible for any possible consequences.

12) Ensure notifying family and friends of your intentions to drive (in case you go missing they’ll have an idea how to act).

13) If you have a phone with internet connection, follow WOMEN2DRIVE on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Women around the world support your actions. We are proud of you brave sisters!!!! Please don't let anyone sap your courage. And tell us, what can we do to support you.

  2. The woman of the United States support you. Do not let anything stop you from your goal. You will succeed! You can not change things over night. It took us awhile before women in the United States could we can. Our vote is for you now! Congratulations on your bravery.