Monday, October 3, 2011

Injured female driver dies in Saudi Arabia

The woman who was driving her mother to a hospital in the city of Aflaj, 200 miles south of the Saudi Capital Riyadh, has passed away from injuries sustained in the accident. Her mother was killed in the accident. A link to today's story on the driver's death comes from today's Emirates 24/7. The text is pasted in below, and a link to the story is here.    A link to a previous story about the accident is here.

Injured female driver dies in Saudi Arabia
Car overturned as she was driving sick mother to hospital

A Saudi girl defying a long-standing ban on driving cars by women in the Gulf kingdom died at hospital a few days after suffering from injuries in a road accident that killed her old mother, a newspaper said on Monday.

The girl’s condition had stabilised following her admission to hospital before starting to deteriorate after learning of her mother’s death, 'Sabq' said.

The girl, in her 20s, was driving her sick mother for treatment at a hospital in the central town of Aflaj when the car overturned on the road because of a tyre blast.

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