Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marwa - Saudi woman race car driver

Nice interview with Marwa Al-Eifa, a female Saudi racecar driver who lives in Dubai. The article was printed in "Girl Racer", a UK publication. A link to the story is here. Go Marwa!

  (October 18, 2011)

She wears a traditional black abaya cloak to work and prays five times a day, but religion hasn't stopped Marwa Al-Eifa of Dubai from becoming the fastest female driver in the United Arab Emirates.

The 25-year-old marketing executive won first place in February 2005 at the First International Women's Rally car race held in Dubai, making her the first Saudi female rally driver to win the competition.

Marwa, who lives in Dubai with her family, did not receive any special training and relied on her own driving skills.

"My love for the racing car world tempted me to join the rally. I had never participated in such a contest before, neither have I received any special training. But I joined to prove to myself whether my driving skills were as good in a rally as they are on the streets."

Asked about her victory Marwa said, "I was overjoyed. I had an inner feeling that told me I would win that stemmed from my confidence in my skills. But I am not arrogant that I won. I only proved something to myself and was successful in doing that, especially when my male colleagues thought I would lose," she said.

"I would want to see more Saudi women participate in such rallies to show their skills. My family was overwhelmed with my victory. They did not believe I actually won first place," she added.
The feisty young athlete also holds a black belt in karate, and is fond of sports, travel and drawing. But her main goal is simple, and she hopes other Arab women live by it.

"Anything that Arab men think women can't do," she says, "we should 'just do it.' "

Marwa received her BA from a local college and made a career for herself in marketing and PR. She works as a business development executive for Dubai Land, a theme park with hotels and rides, which opened in 2007. By Abigail Langerak  


  1. I was trying to find this particular saudi woman driving hash tag on google and I came across your website. But since I am here, I thought I'd share with you this video about saudi woman driving that's remixed with Jennifer Lopez's song "Until it beats no more"


    Check it out... I thought she did a good job. Have a great day and let's hope one day all Saudis (woman and men) can drive as equals.

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