Monday, May 28, 2012

Firestorm of controversy over Manal al-Sharif's Oslo Speech

Manal al-Sharif's speech in Oslo earlier this month when she accepted the Vaclav Havel Prize (see our post about it here) has caused a firestorm inside Saudi Arabia. A blog written by a Saudi woman, "Saudi Woman's Weblog" writes about the controversy. Her blog has garnered lots of fascinating comments that reflect the issues. Link to it here

Manal's speech in Oslo was incredibly heart-felt, her own story of how she ultimately became an activist for women's rights and the right to drive. She has touched many nerves back home, since she did not tow any official line about how things are supposed to be portrayed. She told her own story, as she saw it. 

If you didn't hear her speech, you can watch it here - then visit the blog to get some reactions.


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