Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Men not allowed driving in a fantasy world

This story from the Arab News (Saudi English Language daily) about a YouTube comedy show turning the tables on women driving in Saudi Arabia. A link to the story is here, and the story is pasted below. The story is by Mohammed Nagadi and it apepared on October 1, 2013. You can view the video beneath this story - it's only in Arabic so far, hopefully someone will put up a version with subtitles.


The YouTube comedy show, Bam bee (Arabic for pink) in its third episode turns the tables on the men folk in Saudi society, by showing that it is a woman’s world.
In Bambee world, women can do whatever they want. Pink cars of every size and color and even motorcycles inhabit the fantasy. Youssef Ahmed, the show’s host has created a world where women rule. The color pink is ubiquitous, there is zero unemployment and there are mixed gender schools. What’s more, only women can drive.
In one of the scenes, a young man begs his sister to teach him to drive. His sister tells him that royals don’t drive and that he is not strong enough either, which is exactly what Saudi men tell their women when they ask to drive.
The show has mixed reviews, mostly negative. Although the show has had more than 1.9 million hits on you tube so far, many viewers think that the show is unrealistic and does not dwell on the real issues of women in Saudi society. Below are some tweets from the Arabic hashtag for the first episode:
@skateb : Bambee does not care about women’s real issues but is only looking to making a profit.
@TamFarhan: “The new media has great freedom, power and influence. Some, like Uturn and Telfaz11 have used it constructively, while others like Bambee have abused this freedom.
@Mamen86: Bambee is harming the competitive spirit required for this media. I hope that they improve the quality of their comedy for the sake of the survival of the new media.

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