Monday, October 21, 2013

Saudi films himself teaching daughter driving

This story came out in the Emirates 24/7 - and it reveals a YouTube video of a Jeddah father, Abdullah al-Kaaki, teaching his daughter to drive. The Arabic on the YouTube screen says that Mr. al-Kaaki is a former director of the Youth Welfare Society in the Western Province. This means he is a leader in Saudi society who is concerned with the welfare of youth. It makes a strong statement. If more fathers do this, it will add more force to help turn the tide in favor of lifting the ban- in my opinion. A link to the story is here, and it's pasted in below.

A Saudi man defied a ban on female driving and filmed himself teaching his daughter how to drive a car in public in the conservative Kingdom.

A one-minute YouTube film showed Abdullah Al Kaak instructing his daughter Dalal how to drive a car as she sat behind the wheel and drove on busy roads.

Sada newspaper quoted him as saying he decided to teach his daughter how to drive because he does not mind her getting a driving licence.

Saudi women are set to take to the streets and drive cars on October 26 in a fresh campaign intended to push the government to lift the age-long ban.

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