Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saudi woman makes music video tribute to Saudi women and driving campaign

Today, a Saudi graduate student named Rotana Tarabzouni wrote to me about a music video she made as a tribute to Saudi women and October 26th. Rotana sings in this video, covering the song by Lorde entitled "Team". Here is what Rotana wrote.

My name is Rotana Tarabzouni and I am a graduate student at the University of Southern California.  As a Saudi national, born and raised in Dhahran - and more importantly, as a strong believer in the enfranchisement of women, I fully support the Saudi women that will be driving in protest on October 26th.

I am a singer/songwriter pursuing music along with my education. I was so inspired by the stories of the courageous Saudi women of my generation that I recorded a song and made a video in solidarity with the cause. I’ve attached the link to the song below. 

I am passing this on to you as my way of applauding these brave women, hopefully inspiring others to get involved- even its by something as simple as starting a conversation-. Please feel free to use it in any way you see fit. I have no specific agenda for the video, just the chance to connect and support my brave Saudi sisters in pursuing their dreams. They have shown me what it is to try, try again, try harder, try again, and never stop trying. No matter what. I sing for them.

Thank you so much for giving me your valuable time.

Here is the link : 

Rotana Tarabzouni

PS - I wrote to
Rotana asking her about her first name. There is a huge media production company in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf called Rotana. Here is what she wrote back to me about her name.....

It's just a funny coincidence. I came first haha . Rotana is a type of date ( the fruit ) from Medina , a city in the western province. It is a very uncommon name to have . I like to think that Rotana (me) and Rotana ( the company ) will one day collaborate .


  1. You rock and so does this song. I am in Southern California San Diego to be exact. I support you 100% and have written about this blog on my blog. We might not agree when it comes to religion, but I am for women's rights. Here is my blog

  2. The city you mean to say is Medina, not Media! Just lookin' out!

  3. Thanks for catching that, The Clog Blog!